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Exquisite Murano Glass Sculptures

Nothing says Italian sophistication quite like Murano glass. Often imitated, never equaled, Murano glass is recognised the world over for its fluid elegance, vibrancy, and purity. Sovereign Interiors is proud to offer a curated range of Murano glass accessories, as well as number of other glass furniture and sculptures that represent the best in modern design.


Our collection of vases caters to every taste. From glamorous Swarovski encrusted vases, to timeless coloured Murano glass and bold modernist pieces, we have a vase that makes every kind of statement.


Our sculpture range includes everything from abstract pieces that accentuate the fluid, light catching properties of glass to more figurative sculptures including fighters, leopards, horses and even a unicorn for those more whimsically inclined.


Have this extraordinary material play an integral role in your home interior with one of our pieces of statement furniture. From clothing racks to tea caddies, we have accent furniture that caters to every taste.


Decorate your dining table with one of our exquisite accessories. From wine racks to candlesticks, these pieces are both functional and beautiful.

A Short History of Murano Glass

This particular type of glass originates from the island of Murano, near Venice in Italy. Murano was known as a center for glassmaking from the 13th century and has built a reputation over the centuries for producing an exquisite, distinctive style of glassware that remains highly coveted. Murano glass accessories range from beads, pendants and necklaces to larger object such as sculptures, vases and chandeliers. The island’s passion for this material has led to the development of many new technologies including enamel, crystalline, gold threaded, multicolored, milk, and imitation gem techniques.

For more information on any of our sculptures or accessories including our exceptional Murano range, please don’t hesitate to contact us.