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Academic Buffet

<span>As a guide our Buffets across all styles, ranges in price from $3,000 to above $30,000 PLUS. This is a guide only.<span> <span>Each product Item listed below, is referenced by a price position relative to the Retail price guide mentioned. EG: If a product is shown as 5 $ out of 5 $ then this item is positioned at the higher of the price range, likewise if a product is listed as 1$ out of 5$ then this is the cheapest of the range provided above.</span>


Product Description

The buffet beautifully crafted in Termocotto Oak timber with four doors and drawers inside.

Features stunning gold and red details.



Size – cm. 230W x 55D x 79H

Size – cm. 185W x 55D x 79H


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