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Pershing Dining Chairs

<span>As a guide our Dining chairs across all styles, ranges in price from $500 to above $7,000 PLUS. This is a guide only.</span> <span>Each product Item listed below, is referenced by a price position relative to the Retail price guide mentioned. EG: If a product is shown as 5 $ out of 5 $ then this item is positioned at the higher of the price range, likewise if a product is listed as 1$ out of 5$ then this is the cheapest of the range provided above.</span>


Product Description

Comfortable and contemporary dining chairs with your choice of legs in Nero Beluga matte lacquered finish or in the same colour choice as the seat and back of the chair.

The seat and back are available in first grade Italian leather, Italian velvet fabric or  luxurious Nabuk leather.



Size – cm. 50W x 60D x 82H

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