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Hedges Avenue, Mermaid Beach

Showcasing an array of unparalleled offerings, Sovereign Interiors embarked on a captivating journey to bring to life this mesmerizing waterfront masterpiece.

Entrusted by the discerning proprietors of this residence, we were tasked with crafting an environment that epitomizes the epitome of high-class living. Drawing from a treasure trove of exclusive Italian designs, an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, and a vast portfolio boasting esteemed Italian suppliers, we set out to shape a realm of opulence.

Luxurious opulence finds expression through the embrace of Italian Nabuk leather, the timeless allure of Dark Emperador marble, and the rare elegance of Brazilian Rosewood timber. The harmonious interplay of these exquisite materials breathes an air of refinement, a true testament to the sophistication of the envisioned lifestyle.

An enthralling ensemble emerges as the Lifetime Lounge suite entwines its allure with the Coliseum Bar Suite, gracing the client’s exquisite haven with an aura of dramatic elegance. Envisioned personalization finds form as the client’s vision takes flight through custom-made Persian rugs, each woven with an individual story to enrich the space.

With a mandate to honour the architectural lineage and stylistic essence of the dwelling, our approach seamlessly merges classic and modern elements, culminating in an environment that is both timeless and comforting. This symphony of design translates into an inviting sanctuary where family and guests alike find solace in a warm and welcoming ambience.


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Also seen in this project, are the CLARA Swivel Bar Chairs. and the stunning Coliseum Bar Suite.

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