Modern Lighting & Chandeliers

Nothing says opulence like a chandelier. Whether you wish to evoke a sense of old world charm or modern luxury in your Sydney home, Sovereign Interiors’ range of lighting and chandeliers is an ideal way to make a bold interior design statement.Choosing to add modern lighting (including both classic and modern chandeliers) to the rooms of your home will make it seem more open, friendly and inviting. The selection of lighting solutions that we have available at Sovereign Interiors is as exceptional as it is vast and attracts clients from all around the world.

Our Range:

You will find both traditional and contemporary light fixtures in our Gold Coast and Sydney showrooms, as well as online.

Our range includes:

We also stock an exclusive range of specialty Italian lighting products in our Sydney and Gold Coast warehouses that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients whose tastes and needs run outside of everyday requirements. Feel free to talk to our team regarding this specialised and customer-specific range.

All of the products we carry are made of luxury materials and imported from Italy, Spain, and the USA. Because we carry both contemporary and traditional items, you can be sure that you will find modern lighting fixtures that will fit your style and taste when you shop at Sovereign Interiors.