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Luxury Furniture Store Melbourne

Immerse yourself in a world where every piece of furniture is not merely crafted but artistically engineered, merging timeless elegance with contemporary chic. 

Welcome to Sovereign Interiors, your gateway to elegant and exquisite living, where every space we curate is a timeless symphony of luxury and style, tailored meticulously to elevate your everyday living into an ongoing lavish experience. 

We consider ourselves to be the leading luxury designer furniture store, serving the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and all major cities and towns within Australia. 

We are endlessly sourcing the most beautiful and timeless furniture, lighting, wall art and home décor from only the finest manufacturers in Italy, Spain, and the USA. 

With two successful operating showrooms, one on the Gold Coast and one in Sydney, we have now opened up a boutique showroom in Melbourne to accommodate for their growing residential market and desire for luxury furnishings. 

Our vision over the past 22 years continues into a bold, forward-thinking approach that presents clients with the best quality in contemporary, modern-classic and traditional styles from artisans in Europe and the USA – something which our Melbourne clients are experiencing like never before. 

Take a look at our product range to find the perfect piece to add to your collection. 

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Our Designer Furniture Range in Melbourne


We offer an array of home accessories including columns and pedestals, cushions, mirrors, rugs, sculptures, throws, vases, wallpapers, and much more.  

Spanning a wide range of different styles, patterns, colours, and materials to choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect counter piece to add to your home.  


Make your walls spring to life with our astonishing collection of artworks to choose from at our showroom.  

From our expansive scope of colours, paint styles, designs, and patterns, you’ll discover the right masterpiece to put on your canvas. 


Create a lavish socialising space to drink with your family and friends right from the comfort of your home through our impressive bar furnishings 

Make happy hour anytime, anywhere through our selection of bar cabinets, bar carts & trays, bar chairs, bar fronts, compliments, and lighting. 


Transform your bedroom into a dreamlike sanctuary through our range of bedroom furniture 

We offer a lavish selection to enhance your slumber including, beds, bedside tables, benches, chests & tall boys, compliments, dressers, lighting, and vanity desks 


Never again will you have a bad dining experience with our splendid dining collection 

From our impressive assortment of buffets, compliments, dining chairs, dining tables, and lighting options, you can create the right ambience for every meal you share with family and friends. 


We offer a fantastic selection of kitchen furniture, all of which can enhance all your cooking adventures for the better. 

Our stunning range includes bar chairs, compliments, counter stools, and lighting, to make your kitchen both aesthetically appealing and functional to use.  


Illuminate your spaces with our lighting range, adding just the right touch of glow to your home.  

We cover a variety of lighting options, including chandeliers, floor lamps, flushmounts, pendants, tables & lamps, and wall sconces, to set every kind of mood possible.  


Enhance your living space with pieces from our living range, allowing you to accommodate, entertain, and comfort any guests that visit your home.  

At Sovereign Interiors, we offer an incredible assortment of cabinets, chaise lounges, coffee tables, console tables, lighting, lounges, occasional chairs, ottomans, and side tables.  


Make every task feel easier at home through our impeccable office furnishings 

At our showroom, we have a series of bookcases, conference, tables, credenzas, executive chairs, executive desks, to file cabinets to choose from.  


We can assure you that every moment spent under the open sky will be enchanting through our selection of outdoor furniture. 

This includes our coffee & side tables, counter stools & tables, dining chairs, dining tables, lounges, occasional chairs, and sun beds. 

Why Choose Us?

Exquisite Global Collections 

Say hello to a safe haven where each piece of furniture is a testament to top-notch global craftsmanship. Our founder’s ventures into Europe and the USA have culminated in exclusive partnerships with a range of premier manufacturers, bringing sublime Italian, Spanish, and American designs right to your doorstep. 

Tailormade Luxury Pieces 

Your house is your sanctuary, and we’re here to enhance it with a meticulous touch that aligns with your aspirations. Our pieces, renowned for their superb quality and timeless designs, are not merely bought but are selectively chosen to create cohesive, stylish, bespoke living spaces that mirror your unique taste and lifestyle. 

At Sovereign Interiors, every one of our sourced items and accessories reflects our unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship. As one of the best furniture stores in Australia, we’re always pursuing the extraordinary, finding the latest trends to the world’s most awe-inspiring trends and timeless, stunning pieces. 

Quality Customer Experience 

From the initial selection to the final execution, our team ensures your journey with us is seamless and utterly delightful. Our success is deeply intertwined with your satisfaction, and thus, every step of your Sovereign experience is handled with utmost care and personal attention. 

Your desires, aspirations, and satisfaction form the heartbeat of our philosophy. Every client, whether stepping into our showrooms or interacting with us digitally, is enveloped in an experience where their wishes are revered and fulfilled with the utmost attention and service. 

Impressive Showcasing 

Explore our expansive furniture showroom in the Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne, offering you the tangible experience of our quality furniture. Touch, feel, and visualise your future spaces, enveloped in luxury that is both seen and felt, ensuring your selections are not just liked but truly loved. 

With Sovereign Interiors, experience luxury that transcends beyond the furniture. 

Enduring Partnerships with Design Maestros 

Our alliances with esteemed design houses across the globe are not merely transactional. They are enduring partnerships sculpted from mutual respect for quality and a unified vision to create high-end furniture that enchant, engage, and stand the test of time. 

Say hello to a where every piece reflects world-class design, every space narrates a story of unmatched elegance, and every interaction is a step towards creating your own sanctuary of style and comfort. 

The Lush Choice: Sovereign Interiors 

Make every room and corner of your home become a conversation starter – a place where every piece of furniture tells a story of unmatched craftsmanship, and every space mirrors your aspiration for the extraordinary. 

With 22 years of immersing spaces in unparalleled luxury, Sovereign Interiors invites you to experience a domain where meticulous attention to detail, exclusive global designs, and an unwavering commitment to our clients converge to redefine the essence of opulent living. 

Navigate through an enriching journey where your visions are meticulously sculpted into reality. Explore our diverse and ever-evolving portfolio, which is a testament to our relentless pursuit of global design excellence and our adherence to quality that goes beyond the ordinary. Engage with a team where your desires are not just acknowledged but are celebrated as we strive to curate spaces that are not just lived in but are exquisitely experienced. 

Join us in crafting spaces that are timeless, where every day is an exquisite journey, and every moment is enveloped in luxury that transcends beyond the visual and tactile, stepping into a realm of living that is simply incomparable. 

Explore, Dream, and Live in Sovereignty – with interiors that are a class apart, curating a life that is uniquely yours. 


Address: 475 Church Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121
P: 03 9498 1804 F: 03 9498 1805