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Italian Luxury Furniture Store Sydney

The right furniture pieces don’t just fill up a space – they enhance the very essence of your home. 

From putting on a family movie night to hosting a dinner party, your furniture elevates your everyday living experiences. 

Welcome to Sovereign Interiors, the epitome of Italian craftsmanship, where every piece of furniture is a testament to luxury living. 

We are a premier designer furniture store in Australia, serving across the country in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. 

We invite you to experience the pinnacle of opulent décor at our Sydney Showroom, located in Alexandria. 

Here, we present an ensemble of indoor and outdoor furniture that speaks the language of luxury, with each furnishing selected for its narrative of unparalleled excellence, quality, and design prowess. 

Browse our selection of products to find the perfect piece you’ve been missing. 


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Sovereign Interiors: Your Life of Luxury Awaits

In our Sydney store, Sovereign Interiors unfolds as a sanctuary of style, offering an unrivalled selection of Italian furniture to transform your home into a luxurious abode. 

Our passion for interior design permeates every corner of our showrooms, creating an atmosphere where creativity and elegance coincide.  With a vast array of samples and resources, our design consultants bring unparalleled expertise to each unique furniture project, big or small, weaving your personality into the very fabric of your living space for a lifetime of cherished memories.  

Our extensive range of furniture in Sydney is carefully chosen to ensure each piece resonates with our high standards of luxury and design. We value the unique tastes of our clients, striving to provide a tailored luxury experience that transforms their vision into reality. Whether you are looking to spruce up your home office space or turn your bathroom into a spa sanctuary, we have the perfect piece to enhance your space. 

Your home is a canvas of your life’s stories, and we are dedicated to adding home furniture that becomes timeless additions to those narratives. As we expand from the Gold Coast and Sydney into Melbourne, our commitment to delivering an unparalleled luxury experience remains as steadfast as ever.  

Step into our Sydney showroom and be enveloped by luxury that not only stands out but also stands the test of time.  

Our Designer Furniture Range in Sydney


From the decorative to the functional, our array of accessories is curated to complement your entire home with the perfect blend of form and elegance. 


Elevate your home entertaining with our exquisite bar furnishings, transforming gatherings into sophisticated and memorable occasions. 


Blend elegance and comfort with our luxurious kitchen collection, making the preparation of all your meals feel like a gourmet experience in your own culinary haven. 


Transform your walls with our diverse selection of artwork, where each piece is curated to inspire and infuse sophistication into your space. 


Our living range is an invitation to elevate comfort and style, with each piece, from our rugs and tables to our lounges, designed to enrich the very essence of your home entertainment and relaxation. 


Our dining collection promises to transform every meal into an exquisite dining experience. From our dining table range and dining chairs to lighting, our pieces are crafted to create the perfect ambience for unforgettable moments 


Reimagine your sanctuary with our bedroom selection, offering a range of beds, dressers, to bedside tables that encapsulate luxury, comfort, and a hint of dreamlike splendour. 


Our outdoor furnishings ensure that every moment under the sky is embraced with comfort and elegance, perfect for creating an enchanting retreat. 


With our office furnishings, functionality meets finesse to curate a workspace that is both efficient and inspiring. 


Illuminate your home with our exclusive lighting collection, each piece thoughtfully designed to cast an ambient glow across your spaces. 

Why Choose Us?

Curation of Culturally Diverse Pieces 

Submerge in our carefully crafted selection of furniture that represents our international flair for Italian, Spanish, and American luxury pieces. In our Sydney showroom, you’ll experience a melting pot of different cultures across our selection, offering pieces inspired by landmarks across the globe. 

Custom Crafted Exclusivity 

Your home is a reflection of your personal journey, and at Sovereign Interiors, we honour this narrative through our custom luxury pieces. Our range is handpicked not only for its inherent natural beauty but also for its capacity to adapt to and complement your personal style. In our Sydney Showroom, we take pride in offering furniture that integrates seamlessly with your vision, creating spaces that are as unique and distinguished as our clientele. 

Service with Distinction 

Experience customer service that mirrors the luxury of our collections. Our team in Sydney is committed to providing an attentive, personalised service journey. We understand that the essence of true luxury lies in the experience, and we are dedicated to ensuring that, from selection to installation, your experience is as flawless and refined as the pieces you choose to take home. 

Showcasing Sophistication 

Our Sydney showroom is an immersive theatre where each piece of furniture is the star of the show. Designed to inspire and engage, it invites you to witness our collections in their full glory. It’s a space where the tactile and the visual coalesce, allowing you to fully appreciate the textures, finishes, and the very soul of our high end furniture range. 

Enduring Design Alliances 

The furniture at Sovereign Interiors is born from long-standing partnerships with some of the most esteemed design houses in the world. These collaborations in Sydney are defined by a shared commitment to innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection, ensuring that every piece we offer is a celebration of enduring design and craftsmanship. 

Redefining Spaces: The Sovereign Signature 

At Sovereign Interiors, we are not just curators of fine furniture; we are the architects of environments that resonate with elegance and sophistication. With over two decades of dedication to the art of luxury living, we invite you to a place where excellence is not just offered but is deeply embedded in every fibre of our collection. 

As you navigate through our Sydney showroom, let each piece beckon you to a world where design marries functionality, where every curve, texture, and hue is a testament to the stories of artisans from around the globe. It is here that your dreams of a luxurious sanctuary take shape, reflecting your highest aspirations and our passion for extraordinary living spaces. 

Embark on a journey with us—a journey where the ultimate destination is a home that not only stands out with grandeur but also intimately reflects the essence of who you are. 

SYDNEY SHOWROOM: Ground Floor 69 O Riordan St, Alexandria, Sydney, NSW, 2015
P: 02 9693 5780 F: 02 9693 5982 

Step into Sovereignty 

Your life of luxury awaits. Take a look at our entire collection and embark on your Sovereign journey today.