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Coral Dining Table



Product Description

Coral Collection is inspired by modularity and it is characterized by materials, such
as aluminum and rope, that embellish the product and at the same time grant its
quality in the long term. The clean lines and the balanced compositions are
enriched by a series of accessories that allow a high level of usability and comfort.

The theme of the rope is predominant and it is possible to find it also as detail in
the handles of the seats, in the side table or in the pouf.
The Sofas, that are softened by the decorative cushions, are characterized by the
solid volume of the seat creating a contrast with the chairs and the lounge seats
whose thin and refined structure introduces the theme of lightness instead.



ROUND Size – cm. 120W  x 120D x 75H

SQUARE Size – cm. 90W x 90D x 75H

RECTANGLE Size – cm. 238W x 118D x 75H

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